Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lost in India

I have been very remiss with blogging our daily adventures lately.  Yet it does not bother me as I know many of you follow me on Instagram to see the pics of our day to day life (@ceelew). The fact I haven't  had the time to devote to reflecting on our activities in a more verbal way is evidence of the extent to which we have been simply delving into life and living.  My baby is three years now so the level of independence in our home is increasing and I wonder where that will lead.

For now I am compelled to share with you these fabulous videos we have been watching as part of our education in our home.  Come for a ride with us as I attempt to place all videos on here.  Learn about India and about how you may be able to support the growth of young people in that country.

Episode 1: Mumbai, Chris!

Episode 2: The Temple

Episode 3: Roopa

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Bee Lady said...

I never knew you could follow people on Instagram until the other day, when my ten year old niece showed me how. I always thought it was a sight to edit pics from.....sigh...will I ever get the hang of all of this...

Cindy Bee

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