Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Warm Morning Muesli (Gluten and Dairy free)

As my Generous Gentleman was away this Mother’s Day, and my girls are still too small to treat me with ‘Breakfast in Bed’, I decided to make myself some warm toasty cereal to set my special day apart. I enjoyed it so much I have not stopped making it! Most of it was prepared on Saturday evening so I still had time to enjoy the cuddles and surprises with Ess and Eee on the morning of Mother’s Day.

On the night before, place into a small ovenproof bowl a handful of each of the following:
· Crispy rice puffs
· Puffed whole brown rice
· Puffed whole yellow corn (although take care with this as it burns easily)
· Purina Kornies i.e. very low gluten cornflakes approved by the Coeliac Society
· Organic Toasted Millet Flakes
· Some biodynamic rolled oats (only if you can tolerate a wee amount of gluten, alternatively omit these to make this gluten free)
· Raw nuts and seeds such as cashews, almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds

Sprinkle on your choice of some delicious flavourings, around ½-1 tsp of:
· Pure organic cocoa powder (be sure it is 100% cocoa not containing sugar and other additives)
· Allspice
· Cinnamon
· Nutmeg

Stir, cover and wait till morning.

In the morning:
Just before you prepare the children’s brekky turn on the oven grill. Stir in to your prepared mix 1-2 tablespoons of some delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil such as Gwydir Grove Australian Blood Orange Agrumato Olive Oil and place under the grill. Turn on the timer for 5 mins or so - it shouldn't take longer than this in all. Keep your nose tweaked for the beautiful aromas which arouse your senses and indicate it is time to stir your cereal to avoid burning. (You’ll probably need to stir every 1-2 minutes or so.) Then rush around ensuring your children are satisfied and gather some fruit (perhaps stewed applies and a prune) in a bowl. On Mother’s Day I enjoyed warm apple pieces freshly cooked in my marvellous, speedy, waterless Nutrimax pots. (Browse a product sneak peak here). Drizzle on some organic wild berry alive soygurt.

When the cereal smells so delicious you cannot wait any longer (or time on the clock is ticking over too quickly), remove it from under the grill and pour it over the fruit and yoghurt. Enjoy while spooning banana and rice cereal into your baby’s eagerly anticipating mouth! Or perhaps you can enjoy while you indulge in reading or… Mmm.


Anonymous said...

Eventaully tried this Cee and how delicious even my little fussy easter came back for a second serve, looks like I will have to make more. Thanks again.

Judy Garland

Cee said...

Wonderful Judy. You'll probably not stop making it at all now!! I haven't even almost a year later.

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