Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Life on Hold

In the past I have wondered how I would blog if ever a tragedy happened in our lives. Could I share? Would I share? I write to discover the beauty in everything, every circumstance, every aspect of our lives. So I have decided finally to share.

At the moment I am struggling to see the rainbow in each day, indeed it is only through my three beautiful daughters that the sun shines adding colour to the rain that is pouring down in our lives at the moment.

In January we changed our location of residence from Adelaide to come to Canberra for my Generous Gentleman's work. We are still not in residence in Canberra. We found a house quite quickly here but during the course of the contract to purchase the house we have found numerous issues with it. Yes there is very shonky building existing in Canberra. One problem, an unapproved structure, gave us cause to rescind the contract - which is a blessing. Yet it means we are currently without a home and waiting to have our deposit refunded…hopefully.

So the life I share with my precious family is now very different.

I have not baked since last year. My cooking is very basic as my recipe books are stored along with my kitchen appliances. We use what is supplied for us wherever we are staying.

I have not seen our personal belongings since January apart from what we brought in our suitcases.

There has been no sewing, no crochet, no craft of any type really.

We have moved almost every month in order to find a place to live which costs less. We are currently spending way too much to rent a fully furnished home on a short term lease as we are not free of our contract yet to enter into another contract to rent or to buy. We have very poor mobile internet access which contributes to the fact that I really am not blogging as I used to. My apologies that I have not been able to read your blogs and comment as I'd like to.

Most of our free time is spent assessing when we are going to have to move again and how we are going to find a place to move to.

Yet the important things remain:

We are together. We are dealing with this as a family. We are seeing God move in many ways during this time. I do know and feel that peace that passes all understanding.

We have a place to rest our heads each night (even though at excessive cost) and have not been ravaged by flood, tsunami or earthquake.

The people we have met have been absolutely lovely and very supportive in our situation. We have made lovely friends in our work and home education networks. On many occasion, God has provided just the right person at just the right time.

So that's a little about what life has been like for us. Living without a home certainly brings home to us the important things in life. Have you ever lived without a home? I'd love to hear your experiences. Or if you know of a place we could call home for a little while in or around Canberra, we'd love to know about it. Perhaps we could house-sit for you!

There are some exciting possibilities we have explored and I'd love to share more about them - perhaps one day I will. For now however we are still waiting to be out of the legal bind we have become innocent victims within.

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