Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun in the Rain! - Our Handmade Indoor Hopscotch

Skipping by the flowers,
Skipping around for hours,
Skipping in rain showers -
Skipping has magical powers!
~Jessi Lane Adams

During the holidays we experienced quite a few days of rain.  There were no complaints heard from here.  It is very welcome.  Besides this, we needed an excuse to stay indoors to create the things on my ever-growing list.  So we set about making some indoor hopscotch.  Another idea from the lovely Melissa Goodsell, seen in the Australian Homesewn magazine.

Ess and I had enormous fun with this project when our little Eee was sleeping.  She considered herself my little helper!  One of her numerous roles was to count the number of squares I cut and let me know how many more I needed of each colour.  She also sorted them appropriately, pink polka dots felt on top of purple felt and so forth, so I could stitch them without delay.  Well some of the time...

I was absolutely delighted with the way she helped me pin the numbers on each square.  While it did not hasten the project's completion, it assisted in Ess' learning both in number and sewing.   She busily moved around me as I sat at my machine moving squares here and there, gathering and sorting them,  arranging and pinning them.  "This is great fun Mum!"  Of course, I was delighted to have finally hit the nail on the head with a project for her to enjoy during her day which lasted longer than merely a few minutes.  She was very actively and productively engaged.  By the end of our mission, she had learnt to pin accurately.  Not bad for a little girl who started the project saying she was afraid of pins!  (No doubt she has memories of trying on clothes in which pins remain!)

Hopscotch has had quite a workout since its completion.  Not always as a game of hopscotch! As you might imagine, playing hopscotch with a one year old proves a little frustrating for a 5 year old, with the thrown pebble constantly being moved and the soft mat being layed down upon and rolled around on.

Hopscotch has become an important part of our obstacle course which little Eee and I enjoy each day.  It is jumped upon and climbed up from.

Our hopscotch also rolls up beautifully tied with ribbon for easy storage.  Ess has also found it to be a great stool for sitting to read some stories and play with fairies.


Needful Friends...Miss Holly Golightly said...

thank you so much for visiting my blog. glad you enjoyed the bears.

these new colours are so beautiful...

luv anja

Julie said...

Gorgeous! I had been meaning to make an indoor mat for months (since before last Xmas actually) by painting a strip of canvas, but I love this one. Must get around to buying the magazine!

*Steffi* said...

this is sooo great... wow!!!!

Fröken Skicklig said...

Oh, I need a hopscotch carpet!! Such a great idea! I haven´t been in here for a while, but now I feel I have to hurry on to the fabric store... Love to the four of you, Juliane

Cee said...

I have a sense there may be some special hopscotch carpets gracing the floors of some northern hemisphere homes this winter (although I will not wish that on you all too soon).

And of course Julie, you'll be wishing for more rain!! (hehe)

So glad this has delighted you.

Homestay Mama said...

Almost makes me wish I were a carefree little girl again--this looks like a very fun way to play hopscotch! :-)

Jane said...

Hi Cee,

I'm wondering if you can give me the dimensions for this - I've been looking for something similar to make for my niece who has just turned 4 and has a love for all things hopscotch - i'm concerned she's going to go stir crazy through winter! I realise that it was in a magazine, but it was too long ago to find a copy.


Gemma Wilson said...

Wow Again - Skipping in magical powers is what I need to create something so beautiful...Lovely colours...

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