Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ess' Rite of Passage

Late January 2008

As I stood vehemently discussing excess water leakage from our evaporative air conditioner running down the road with an SA Water Rep, I curled my fingers under Ess’ hair, her beautiful bob. Only it was not there, not entirely, it was thinner, wispier and coming away in bunches in my hand. For a fleeting moment and thinking “Oh my goodness, what’s going on?”, I moved inside with her seemingly to get her out of the sun, the heat of the summer, as if she was unwell. As we moved I realised that she had cut her own hair. Just prior to our visitor arriving I had been resting along with Eee. Ess had been quietly playing. Mmm, yes, very engaged in playing hairdressers! On entering the house she showed me where her hair was, some of it bundled together, some of it taken outside, some still in the scissors. We gathered it, not only to tidy, but also to keep and remember this day. A day of ritual, yes is it not almost a rite of passage for a little girl to enjoy cutting her own hair? I must ask my mother…

Now we enjoy her gorgeous little elfin cut, revealing the beauty of her young innocent face.

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LynB said...

Hi Cathy. Thanks for inviting me to view your Blog. I forwarded the email to Deb and Mick so Deb may contact you sometime. her little Imogen is growing fast 13 months old now.Little Ess looks a lot like her Mum!

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