Monday, June 28, 2010

Needles Clacking

If the knitter is weary the baby will have no new bonnet. ~Irish Proverb

Writing a previous post about focus must have been just what I needed as I have found that the last week or so have allowed me some more creative time, space and energy to begin working again on the blanket I have been knitting for little Eee ever since she was a baby. I am determined to finish it this season. We have both been using it lots already as the mornings have been very cool these past few days, leading into the house staying cooler during the day. This is particularly so when the pilot light on our central heating refuses to light and we are left waiting for the tradesman to replace it. (Fortunately it is all repaired as of this morning).

I really love this blanket, as do most visitors we have here, and I will find it hard to give away to little Eee however it will stay around our home for many years to come.

I have even got my hook out also in order to make a little gift for my nephew. I hope he likes his little 'blue' pear.

I'm hoping this newfound energy will last so I can complete some unfinished projects (am counting on the nesting phase to take care of that) and then to create something new for our new little cherub.



Yes, nesting will be a part of your life very soon I guess, how very exciting this new but also very familiar phase is, isn't it?

XX Nina

Erna said...

What a great idea to count on the nesting phase...I'll do that too!! till than just relaxing and let that belly grow! congratulations!!

Jeanne said...

Your blanket is just sublime. It is great knitting and crochet weather, isn't it? I finished my knitted cushion only last night. I think I'll make it a partner next.

Homestay Mama said...

Such pretty colors and handiwork! You are one very talented mama!

Cee said...

Thankyou all for your lovely compliments.

Nina it is interesting being in this familiar phase that's for sure. Yet it passes so quickly each time it seems new again in some way. I feel more comfortable this time round knowing what to expect in how I usually feel during nesting etc.

Yes Erna a reminder to relax is well in order.

Yes Jeanne it is very very cold. I love the cold nights and cool mornings. Your lovely cushion is beautiful and a partner will definitely sit well with it. thanks so much for popping in. I am interested in your brain hat now and will keep that for my 6 yr old when she is up to. We have only been homeschooling for a term now so are on a good and steep learning curve :)

Thanks HS Mama and it is lovely to see you stopping by here again. Sending hugs....


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