Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ripple Progress

I have loved this crochet project.  Loved snuggling up underneath it waiting for my baby to call me.  I have enjoyed the colours as they throw a brightness into my home.

Yes the wool ran out, all the balls I thought would finish my ripple blanket.  It was slightly too small for my bed, or perhaps that was just an excuse for me to purchase the same colours again and continue this wonderful blanket allowing it to envelop me this winter.  I really should place it on the bed again soon as I've crocheted a number of rows since these pics were taken.

I'm feeling like I'm fighting a virus or the like at the moment so I'm going to snuggle up again under my bright ripple and let it nurture me as I rest this evening.


Ruby said...

Wow! that is stunning and an incredible amount of work.

Jeanne said...

Oh, it is just beautiful. I really should crochet something this winter as well.

Bee Lady said...

Oh my I LOVE your blanket. I have some yarn on hold at a local yarn store that we now have in our town. The colors are not bright, but it's very pretty and I keep going back and forth as to whether I want another project. But I love this pattern of yours. Did you post where you got the pattern? Hmmmm, what to do...

And I am very glad you are back to blogging. I missed you. I was afraid you got swept away with the rains!

Cindy Bee

Cee said...

Hello Ruby and Cindy Bee and it's lovely to see you of course Jeanne - my motivator!

You are all too kind. The blanket is lovely I do agree, but I fear these iPhone photos don't do it justice. I'm back to blogging of a form but not to the standard I like. I'm glad it meets your needs even if my own personal expectations are not being met :)

Looking forward to catching up with you all too as I get to a bit more reading.

Cindy Bee if you follow the link to my original ripple blanket post you'll find the pattern. It's one of Lucy's on her Attic 24 blog. Google it!

Cee xxoo

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