Friday, May 2, 2008

Baby's Booties

Every child begins the world again...
~ Henry David Thoreau

There is something quite nostalgic about baby booties, something which speaks of long ago.

So when I put my baby’s tiny feet in them I feel a sense of heritage, a sense of connection with her grandparents, her great grandparents...her ancestors, even though I don’t think the booties were knitted by anyone related. Perhaps they were, or it might have been one of the old ladies at the Aged Care Centre Nanna works at. Maybe someone will remember.

Nevertheless it is important to me that the newness of my baby is in essence part of that which was long ago. Those lives already lived, deeply rooted, joined as if in a never-ending chain with the newness, possibilities and hope for the future.

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Ess said...


I loved the juxtaposition of the bootees and the ballet slippers! From the soft wool to the stiff point. And women at each step between.

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