Thursday, May 15, 2008


It can be easy to take for granted the beauty of that which abounds.

When we first moved down this way, the beauty of the trees was something which both my Generous Gentleman and I proclaimed. After all, in amongst the commonly known characteristics of South Australia – the extreme heat, cold and dry - the trees really are something to behold. They are something South Australia definitely has in its favour, that and the roses (that’s another story)!

However, I continued to rave over the beauty of one particular tree – the pink gum blossom. I believe it is known as the Pink Flowering SA Blue Gum. My GG didn’t seem to share my sense of amazement about this tree. It took me a little while to understand why this might be. In my childhood experience, these trees were as rare as hen’s teeth. I recall seeing one or two in Noosa, Queensland, where they offered me the same sense of delight and amazement. Down here these trees are numerous. There are at least 4 or 5 on our simple 1km walk to Kindy. My girls will remember the beautiful tree with blossom in varying shades of pink as part of their childhood. Now I understand why GG (who grew up down here with pink blossoms all around him) couldn’t understand my amazement at the prolific abundance of the pink gum blossom.

One rarely sees beauty in that which abounds. Beauty is found in the fleeting, the ephemeral, in rarity. One must be reminded to see the beauty which is beside and before them.

I will ensure that my daughters know the rarity and beauty of these trees and treasure their experience of them down here so their profound beauty remains and a sense of wonder is shared with their mother. I am sure the fairies who live in them flitting from blossom to blossom and drinking from their cups will remind them also.

Here is Ess's own photo of one of these gorgeous blossom trees.

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Ess said...

I'm absolutely sure there are fairies floating around the gums!

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