Friday, July 11, 2008

Dream Pillow Fancies

"Knowing that everything we do, no matter how simple, has a halo of imagination around it and can serve the soul enriches life and makes the things around us more precious, more worthy of our protection and care... In a life that is animated with ritual, there are no insignificant things." ~ Thomas Moore in "Care of the Soul"

I have recently finished my favourite Kindermusik Village unit with my baby entitled Dream Pillow. I love the variety of musical ensemble in this unit which encourages us to sing and play together using the musical concepts of ostinato (in Aiken Drum), round singing (with O How Lovely is the Evening - in which Eee accompanies us beautifully on the chime bar) and speech ensemble (with Wee Willie Winkie).

Aiken Drum is a favourite with many babies in the class enjoying playing the "in the moon" ostinato on a collection of drums. I personally enjoy singing the round in harmony with our Kindermusik Educator, Mr Geoff, and the alternate melody on the CD. Eee enjoys watching the drum playing as we move around the circle together. She is certainly an observant learner.

The energetic and enthralling dance, Tants Tants Yidelekh, is a sure favourite with everyone every time I have participated in Dream Pillow. It is like an aerobics session with lunges, deep knees bends and the grapevine but despite the energy required to dance this dance, it entices all. The babies absolutely adore it too. They get to be moved around in such a variety of positions and are stimulated very much visually as well as physically in Mum's arms. It has become a favourite at home for all of us - in particular when we hear a whingey little Eee. Picking her up and reviving us all by enjoying dancing the dance renews everyone, and positive energy flows again.

We have been taken by a few of the lullabies also. Eee always begins her nap as I sing Softly Softly music fills the air now, as well as a favourite lullaby such as O Hush thee my Dove.

A sure way to capture an active, engaged mine is with the songs Sarasponda and Listen Listen. The rhythm of Sarasponda and higher pitches of Listen Listen evoke a sense of wonder and delight. I sing both songs when exploring new sound sources and also when needing a distraction such as when a certain small baby is sick of being in the high chair during meal times.

Music is such a part of our everyday lives. It is the way we enjoy each other, distract each other and also the way we share creativity with one another. Kindermusik supports and encourages this and we love our creative girls being nurtured in our weekly lessons.

There are more favourites...

I must mention the gorgeous Maypole Dance to Gavotte in G by J.S. Bach.

It was also during Dream Pillow that Eee discovered how to massage herself. She has enjoyed a massage ever since she was newborn. She loves it in class as well as after her bath as a little nudie. One evening as I sang her massage song she spread her fingers and rubbed her own hands over her tummy to join in and help me massage her - so very cute. She continues to do this sporadically.

...Oh Watch the Stars...we sing this and watch the torch making stars on our ceiling with Ess every evening before bed.

All these musical activities serve to beautifully embellish the halo of imagination surrounding all our daily rituals. How dull life would be without them.

Now we look forward to all next term has to offer with the fun-filled activities of Zoom Buggy! If you are yet to participate in a class yourself you can get a free class preview voucher. Don't miss out!

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