Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Parting Gift

Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.
~John Ruskin

Isn't this rose exquisite!!

The photos don't clearly show just how long the bud is. It just extends and extends. Such simple beauty. I absolutely love it. So when my beloved Generous Gentleman bought it for me from my favourite florist at the Central Markets I was delighted, as were many passers-by who saw me proudly sporting my gorgeous rose.

It is however a parting gift. We will be separated for around 10 weeks due to his work. Despite the fact you expect this in his work we have not experienced much of it since we have been together. I don't have years of experience becoming accumstomed to what it is like to be apart. We have been lucky, as he has enjoyed so much family time to date. However, for me now, with two little ones to care for and no one to share the load and "adult converse" with in the evening, I find it is exhausting work. I really feel for all single parents out there and those who have lost loved ones. At least I know my Generous Gentleman is coming home.

So, inspired by our friend Imogen's paperchain, we have made one to count-down the days to Daddy's return. Boy, look how long it is! You can't even see the end in this photo! It has been good for Ess to gain a concept of the length of time, and also to see the days written as dates. She has had to decipher which link comes next in the chain as they are all printed with a day and date. It has taken her about three days to make the chain so at least we have been able to shorten it by a number of days in one go. It won't be so easy from now on.

Slowly, slowly the days will pass... and we will attempt to fill them with fun!

All visitors welcome!

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