Monday, December 21, 2009

Ess is Six on the Fleurieu

This pixie's from the Land of Hearts.
She's perching on a blossom,
which grows within a forest glade
that's magical and awesome.
She and all her fairy friends
have flown on shimmering wings
to wish you all the happy fun
that a birthday brings!

Have a magical 6th birthday!
- on cards received from Granny and Mum, Dad and little Eee

Our trips to the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide never fail to delight us.

When I asked Ess during the week whether she'd like to pick blueberries on her birthday, her eyes lit up and her ensuing excitement was unsurpassed.

Little Eee picks...

and explores.

This was our first visit to The Blueberry Patch, Mt Compass.

My precious Ess fairy with beloved dandelion found in the patch,
about to be blown away on the wind.

With fresh blueberry ice creams available after the hard labour of fighting off earwigs, millipedes and tiny spiders, to achieve buckets of delicious blueberries...

we'll definitely be back.

In Goolwa, these treats awaited us after lunch,

along with an afternoon swim at the beach.

It was so refreshing to be out catching a few waves in the southern ocean. This is my style of wave-catching anyway! Beloved little treasures nearby.

Six feathered birthday candles on a beachy sandcastle cake for our delightful six year old.

Then after our late arrival home in the evening...

it was never going to be too late to enjoy the birthday cake lovingly decorated by Ess and I.

Happy Birthday my sweet Ess.


David said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ess :) We miss you!

Lots of love from "Uncle David & Untie Dian"

shandora said...

happy birthday sweet princEss! what a lovely looking cake you made!!!!!


Oh Cee, it looks like an amazing 6th Birthday!

The cake is georgous - would you mind making one for my next Birthday???

Homestay Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Ess! Six years already? How time flies!

What an adorable cake (can cakes be adorable?) Are those caterpillars? I've got to tell my friend to come look at your cake!

Blueberries, hot weather, swimming at the beach, dandelions....ahhh, brings back fond memories of summer (as I look at our rainy blustery weather outside). But what seems so strange is associating these things with Christmas!

Have a wonderful Christmas Cee Lew!

Cee said...

Ess and I thankyou for all your kind words and birthday wishes for her. We love that you have a pic there now Dave.

Ess is taken by her new name princEss, Shandora.

Nina, of course I would love to bake for you.

HS Mama, of course cakes can be adorable especially when they are for adorable six yr olds ;) We have called them grubs - Ess says "upside down caterpillars and grubs". We made them from meringue.

Oh yes bluebs, cherries, warm winds and beach - these signify Christmas for us. we could not have Christmas without our glazed ham and salads, our bowl of cherries and platter of peaches and nectarines. These are Christmas to me. A snowy, white, cold Christmas is but a romantic notion to me. Still you'd be amazed how many of my cards contain snowflakes, warm stockings and rugged up choristers serendaing in snowy villages. :)

Merry Christmas my dear readers.

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