Monday, May 10, 2010

"Mummy" Day

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

We celebrated Mother's Day here yesterday so I cordially extend best wishes to you my lovely readers who are mothers yourselves.

I consider myself very fortunate that yesterday was special for me for numerous reasons, too plentiful to mention here.

Gifts from my treasures

Our day commenced with sunshine beautifully streaming into our bedroom after a sleep-in afforded us by two little girls who had been unwell. Yes, sadly my family had had a tummy bug all last week and the girls were still recovering from it. Indeed my Generous Gentleman was still unwell and I was not anticipating that much could be celebrated on the day as we were likely to need to have a toilet close to hand.

He was however, very brave and very generous and was keen to venture out. So we headed to the foreshores of the beach so the girls could ride and we could walk, and at least I could enjoy some food, cake and coffee at our favourite spots in Semaphore - Cafe Froot and Sarah's Sisters Sustainability Cafe.

Earlier in the week, Ess had become aware that Mother's Day was around the corner so in her free time she banished me from her room with a sign saying "No Mummy In" displayed carefully on her door at poignant moments. I was delighted to see the results of her independent creative time with me at the centre of her thoughts - a book for me, made by my fellow book-lover and all on her very own. I wasn't even asked to provide supplies.

Her favourite stickers were included, along with sweet little notes inserted through out.

There were many drawings of her favourite fairy friends. Here is Lily the Rainforest Fairy with Rachel and Kirsty, hovering over a rainforest canopy.

The book finishes with Ess imploring me to "Have Fun!" as she farewells me.

We did share a lovely day together despite the difficulties and not all expectations being filled. Why is it that for one day of the year we Mums expect our children to ask us nicely each time they want something, to maintain polite manners, to not have to negotiate? We accept the challenges every other day. My girls are still very little and are only just beginning to show independence in showing their love for me for this special day. They still have their little people needs and will provide me with challenges no matter what day it is.

Expecting less is one key to ensuring that you enjoy more.


Millie said...

Sounds like a lovely day... and what a beautiful book!

Homestay Mama said...

What a lovely book. Your Ess is one sweet and thoughtful little girl--probably because she has a sweet and thoughtful Mum! :-)

P.S. I've left a "photo challenge" for you at my blog.

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