Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rippling, Relaxing, Resting and Waiting

Here I am resting, waiting, relaxing...still with a very large bump in front of me.

We are enjoying the colours Ess and I have chosen to make a woollen ripple blanket and I am very happy with the 100% wool I purchased from Bendigo Woollen Mills recently. It is excellent value for money, lovely and light wool, not too prickly and without any splitting at all when I work with it. This is a selection of the Classic 100% pure new wool range.

Wishing you a happy week. It is a pretty exciting one for us...filled with anticipation. By next week we will have met our new little cherub.

Hopefully we might introduce you too.


Millie said...

Such a beautiful rippley blanket...I am looking forward to hearing news from you soon..sending you the most positive thoughts, and wishing you a safe and happy delivery.


We will send you all the things you need for a safe delivery and if we know what the little soul will be I am sure we will find something to make it happy...

All the best wishes and thoughts will be send with the wind via the Ocean far far away!

XX Nina

Jeanne said...

Hah! I'm 'rippling' too!! Pics soon...

Can't wait to meet your new arrival!

Bee Lady said...

I'm making a ripply blanket too. I'm sure you've had that wee cherub by now. Do tell.


crafty things said...

What a great looking ripple blanket. I am making one for my DD at the moment. Love your colour choices!

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