Friday, July 20, 2012

Ice Decoration

A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it.  
~Author Unknown

On nights which will dip below freezing as it did this morning (down to -5degC), 
we love to set up a bowl of water, 
with a doily tied to a string lying within, 
in the hope that it will not thaw too early in the morning,
so we can hang it up on our balcony, 

we watch it hang, 
we watch it spin, 
we watch it sway in the wind.

We wonder how long the ice will hang, 
predict the time it will fall, 
then watch and wait as we enjoy morning tea....
then lunch...

today it fell after we predicted, 
no-one noticed it fall
as we were all enjoying a quiet time after lunch.

I'm amazed how much a simple little decoration
has engaged my girls
it has truly captured their attention.
We wonder about the physics of it all - 
the direction of the wind, 
the forces holding the ice up, 
holding it to the doily, 
we explore the three states of water - 
gas, liquid and solid,
the forces turning the ice, 
changing its direction, 
changing the way it swings from side to side, 
to round and round.

Yet the best part of the whole experience of making this ice decoration I am told is:
watching it fall!
(which is, of course, very difficult to photograph) 


Homestay Mama said...

What an engaging activity, Cee! You are so creative! I haven't been on anyone's blogs including my own for about 7 months! That's a long time to be absent, but my life has been beyond busy and stressful! Would you believe I just now read the comment you left on one of my blogs back in January?! Just want you to know that you are welcome to come visit me anytime and take pictures of our snow. I think I live in a beautiful part of the USA--surrounded by lakes and mountain ranges. And, of course trees, lots of trees!

Cee said...

Thanks so much HS Mama. You are a blessing. Much love to you xxoo

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