Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Entering Macdom

You have not been hearing much from me of late as we have made many changes to the way things are running at home.

It was time for a new computer and we were becoming increasingly annoyed with regular system crashes so upon recommendation of my brother and sister-in-law we decided to buy a new Apple iMac 20" and are very happy with it.  Lots of fun, very user-friendly and the price was only a wee bit more than a new PC system.  The Choice Shopper Service is excellent. I found what I thought was a great price and they were able to better it.  I did it all from home (which is great when you have a baby - not too fun dragging them around computer stores).  We only needed to go out to collect our goods.  I am also very happy to read that the iMac is a bit "greener" than some.

We have also finally entered the world of broadband and I am very happy to recommend our local service provider Adam Internet to anyone surfing in South Australia or the Northern Territory.  When I choose a new service provider I look for a company which offers great, supportive and friendly service.  These people have been excellent and I'm afraid I have to give Telstra the big thumbs down!  Telstra tried to seduce me into expensive plans with bundling discounts - none of which were straight forward.  They also tried to tell me VoIP was simply software that you download, not so (well maybe Skype is, but I wanted more).  The Adam salesman told me all about how he also used MyNetFone (which I had previously researched would be the service we'd use) and which modem would suit my needs best. All this despite the fact that Adam also have their own VoIP service - AdamTalk.  I am very happy!

Our VoIP phone service with MyNetFone is excellent.  The calls are clear and we pay so much less.  Our plan costs us $0.00 per month with calls costing 12.5c untimed nationwide and 1.9c/min for most International calls.  If you join MyNetFone you'll be able to call us for free (no they didn't pay me to say that).  If you have broadband you'll be able to cut your phone costs and use MyNetFone's service.  The only thing you may need to do is upgrade your modem. The next thing we'll do is 'go Naked' but we are still unable to in our exchange here.  Sadly we are still having to pay for our landline to run our ADSL service.

So sorry for all the tech talk but you can see where my head has been in all this research.  All my already limited computer time has been about getting our new applications sorted out and also learning how to use our iMac. Not hard, just a bit different.  I do enjoy residing in Macdom or Mactopia as I have also seen it referred to.  Yes this is pretty good.

In Mactopia I'll stay!

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