Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ess is Five!!

Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly! ~ Author Unknown

My beautiful firstborn has had her fifth birthday today!

She chose a pink & pretty fairy cake for us to decorate together to celebrate her special day.

We decorated this on the eve before.

We decorated the gorgeous Christmas cupcakes to give them a special fairy birthday twist. 

We gave them a special star-topped finale reminding us that the birth of Ess is very near the birth of Christ which we are also in the midst of celebrating.

We gave our four year old our final kisses before she said she was "going away".  "I'll be back as a five year old tomorrow!"  Of course Mum had to steel in late at night to give my little four year old one final kiss before we all finally fell asleep.  Little Ess was so excited she was still awake after 10pm.

Bright and sunny wishes
for someone special and sweet
A birthday girl who's five today
the nicest you could meet.
Text inside card from Nanna.

Then this morning awoke our precious five year old fairy.  She loved the special fairy costume I spent a while making her.

After enjoying unwrapping many delightful presents stored by Mum's bed from family and friends we spent the morning preparing for a little fairy party in the park in the afternoon.

Ess wanted to play Treasure Hunt so we made some lovely little fairy flowers to be hidden, found and then presented to Mum to receive a cupcake prize.

Our Generous Gentleman helped by cutting myriads of petal shapes.  Ess coloured cups from egg cartons with textas to make the centres (she decided the paint wouldn't dry in time).  

I stuck petals to the cup centres and Ess stuck straws to the back for the stem.

Ess placed scrunched bits of pink spotty tissue paper inside the egg cups to complete the centres.

Each flower had a little fairy flittering around her petals to delight all the young fairies at Ess's party.

The paper flowers all looked very sweet in our garden in preparation for their exposure to the park.

The culmination of our day was the party in the park with about half a dozen friends of Ess's - all delightful children enjoying playing together in the park.

A lovely day was had by all.

Sadly we couldn't easily rest at night as usual.  We believe little Eee is teething as she woke us at least half a dozen times.  Sometimes Mum had no sleep in between :(

Rest will follow Christmas.

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