Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dolly Delights

These sweet little dolls were a gift from myself to my sweet little girls.  I used the Ruby Doll Pattern of One Red Robin.   The one on the left is for Ess and she has named it after herself.  She has quite taken to it which is heartwarming.  Little Ess dolly comes most places with us but must stay in the car to look after it while we are out.  She also rides around the house on the new Mouse Wheely Bug which Santa left here very generously a few days ago.

The dolly on the right aquired her name while she was being made - funny how some things you create just come up with names as you make them!  She is Maggie.  Little Eee calls her "bebe" which is so very sweet.  Thus her name is "Maggie Bebe".

"It's so gorgeous!" was the cry from Ess' lips when she opened her parcel.  Maggie Bebe has received many kisses from little Eee, cuddles as well, before she tosses her aside to continue her journey riding on her little toy truck.

Do you like my new little family of Matryoshka Dolls?  I have enjoyed some time after Christmas relaxing with my family and participating in some "making".  These are so sweet.  Ess' kindy teacher showed me a set she made and offered to loan me the pattern.  Of course I could not refuse so I used her pattern in Australian Homespun No.64 Vol.9 No.9 to make "Nesting Nellie and Her Girls".  Now we are wondering which girl in this household will claim ownership of the dolls - so until Mum gets to making things again we will claim joint ownership.

"Well, hello, dolly! It's so nice to have you back where you belong."  ~ Jerry Herman 1931-

Also, I'm not really a painter but I have been very tempted to make these gorgeous little painted egg matryoshka day!

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