Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eggs in Our Basket

Where man sees but withered leaves, God sees sweet flowers growing.  ~Albert Laighton

A circle of rainbow-coloured tiny Easter eggs of salt dough were the order of the day for me and my girls.

We had such fun, all afternoon, stirring the salt dough, colouring it, pressing it, pulling it, making little handprints...

Eee's handprint inside Ess'

We formed them into tiny eggs to be dried... 

...and placed into an Easter basket, handmade and decorated by Ess...

...with a little help from little Eee.  The putting in and out of the basket was a great hit for her.

All to remind us of the gift of new life.

Thanks for your inspiration Mel, we loved Bella's basket of eggs.

Children's craft...perhaps sometimes looking a little wilted, a little laboured, a little skewed (particularly after returning from a day at school where most of the eggs were given away to classmates) yet God sees the flowers growing, the little hands learning about making, creating, preparing, giving, increasing their abilities, developing motor skills along with attitudes about themselves and their gifts and abilities.


Rest is not idleness said...

I love how once the salt dough has dried the colours have all faded so beautifully, so they all blend together, unlike before when they looked slightly garish.

Cee said...

Thanks Pip. You've given me new eyes for those faded eggs.


David said...

I love them more now they're faded too - beauty with age :)

And bizarrely, I want to try one...haha

Love you all

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