Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Anna's Jacket and The Snowballs Revealed...

While my precious Ess is away playing with her best friend this afternoon I thought I'd reveal to you the finished product after having knitted many Snowballs.

If you can't decipher what it is in the first photo, here it is in another, much less glamarous shot.  It turned into a bag.  The warm rich colours of the variegated wool were used to form the strap and a flap to fasten the bag with a button.

With the leftover wool I knitted a little jacket for Baby Anna using a pattern of Waldorf Mama's called the doll sweater pattern.

It has turned out to be quite a nice fit for Baby Anna.  However now, of course, her legs are very very cold in this cold and rainy weather we are experiencing this week.

So I have a devised a little pattern for some warm pants to cover her little legs to keep them cosy.  No guesses as to who chose this colour. Pink for my Ess.  I think it should match quite nicely however.  It complements the rich rose of the variegated yarn very well.

The bag is used to contain the dolls' clothing and provides a resting place for the dolls and weary little girl's heads.  It has also been used to transport two dollies, their clothing and a collection of books on a spontaneous drive we took the other afternoon.  The scenery was so lovely in the Adelaide Hills however, that the books were not read.  We were fortunate to see water flowing down the usually dry creek bed.  We saw Arum Lily starting to bloom and snowbells as well.  We usually see cows and sheep, and calves and lambs, along with horses and donkeys, yet this time we were surprised to spot a couple of emus and three kangaroos.  Sorry the camera was left at home that day! :(

Sending chilly greetings!

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Homestay Mama said...

How beautiful are the snowball bag, and the sweater and pants. How delightful your afternoon!

You make the simple life sound just heavenly--and idyllic! I love living it vicariously through your blog! I know I will never experience it any other way.

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