Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Foggy Birthday to You! - or me rather :)

One misty moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather,
I chanced to greet an old man, clothed all in leather.
He began to compliment and I began to grin.
How do you do? How do you do?
And how do you again.
~ Anonymous

The last couple of mornings here have brought this rhyme to my mind as we headed out into the foggy morning, unable to see further than the corner at the end of the road.  It has made me smile as we walked and rode along our path to school, feeling the damp, breathing in the cool moist air, viewing the empty branches of favourite trees against a foggy sky.

It has increased the difficulty which I had in photographing the new bunting I have made for our birthday celebrations.  Yet the bunting brightens our spirits and heightens our excitement and anticipation.  I have somewhat "foggy" feelings about bunting.  It is very popular at the moment.  I have noticed it on my favourite blogs and in my favourite real life shops.  Yet I don't find it very beautiful, not very elegant.  So why have I made some? Perhaps it was the inspiration of Mel's Australian Homesewn Magazine once again which had me search through my fabric scraps for a colour combination which might please us.  I am quite happy with it  actually.

My sense of pleasure was heightened when I heard my dear little Eee exclaim "oh, ho, ho...pretty!" as she entered our living area this morning, my birthday.  With her short stature  and keen eyes it was the first thing she noticed looking up to greet the day.  Ess also had made a quick visit to see whether the bunting was hanging - "Mummy I came to see if the bunting was hung and then I knew it was your birthday".  She had been anticipating the day and had been asking me for a couple of days whether it was my birthday yet.

So now I very much like my bunting.  It has delighted my girls.  I intend that it will delight them for years to come as we hang it for each of our birthdays and create a new family tradition.  Perhaps I'll be inspired to make one for each of us as we celebrate our birthdays.  This row is only 13 flags long.  

All in all, I am absolutely thrilled when cleaning out my stash evokes such awe, wonder and anticipation in my children.


Homestay Mama said...

Happy Birthday, a little late, Cee! I hope you had a good one!
I just got back from a five-day visit with family in Oregon. Now I'm trying to catch up with everyone's blogs!

Needful Friends...Miss Holly Golightly said...

hi cee,

like to wish you a happy birthday too although I`m not right in time as usual.

hope you had a great day ;O)

Julie said...

Happy birthday Cee :-)

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