Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zet the Monster - a gift for a friendly little boy

"And now, cried Max, let the wild rompus start..." Maurice Sendak, in Where the Wild Things Are.

It's been a while since I have posted, due to our school holiday fun and then some internet downtime.  Fortunately I am back online now and also back into routine with school having recommenced for Ess yesterday.  Along with my Kindermusik classes!  I am now teaching Semester 2 of Kindermusik for the Young Child to my dear 5 year old students and am really loving it.  They were all so motivated yesterday to learn and sing, play and explore their beautiful glockenspiels.  I was feeling refreshed after a lovely relaxing holiday break with comparatively large amounts of downtime and more time than usual to create things.

For neverending inspiration regarding things to create, follow me to visit Melissa Goodsell who has recently edited a new magazine entitled Australian Homesewn.  There are many inspiring projects made from delightful fabrics you have no doubt seen if you've been exploring Etsy along with me.  Melissa has her own store there as well.

We were in need of a little gift for a friend this month.  So in keeping with my commitment to give handmade gifts, I decided to make a little monster for our little monster friend.  We hope he continues to like it, apparently he carried it all around the shopping centre after first receiving it.  So thanks Mel, for your delightful pattern! It can be found in Mel's magazine.

Zet was inspired by the monsters featured in the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Here he is receiving a little love from Eee before giving him away.

There are more things we created together from the magazine and Mel's inspiration so I'll see you back here again with more of those...and some others of our own.


David said...

That is SUCH a cute picture of Eee :)

Miss you all. Hopefully will catch up soon. Not sure when, but soon!

Lotsaluv D&D

Needful Friends...Miss Holly Golightly said...

zet is a gorgeous him ;O)

Melissa Goodsell said...

Thankyou for saying such lovely things :)
Miss Eee is looking divine all snuggled with zet and how cute is he - ADORE the fabric you've used Cee!!


Anonymous said...

My little monster loved seeing his little monsteron the computer especially with Eee. Judy Thanks xx

Cee said...

Thankyou all for your kind words about Zet and my precious little one. It is good to be stretched by making something a little out of the ordinary for me!

Mel it is amazing the lovely fabric you can find on the clearance table of the interior furnishing department. Looks great but was a little tricky to turn through. I'd do it again though!

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