Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beachfront Bicycling

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. ~John F. Kennedy

On an unseasonably warm and windy day on Saturday we packed up our bicycles and headed to the beach for another dose of beachfront bicycling, something we all love. Although we just happened to hear a little cry from a pink 5 yr old on a pink bicycle about how she needed a rest just as another playground was approaching. There are at least 5 playgrounds within easy cycling distance of each other along the Semaphore Foreshore. We were often stopping :)

Another little lady was keen for some "dig, dig, digging" time so Dad bribed her to get back into her bicycle seat on his bike for a quick ride down the path to where our friends were kite flying. There was sure to be opportunity for sand play and grass tumbling with them.

I meanwhile, enjoying the serenity and solitude the bicycle affords me, rode a little further on towards Largs Bay. Breathing in the salty, seaside air, absorbing the soothing sounds of the gently crashing waves and lapping waters, I took a wee break from my family to nurture myself. My Generous Gentleman bid me take my time as he rode off in the opposite direction with my two little treasures, yet somehow, quite quickly, I was drawn to be right back with them again. Even he commented he was surprised I had ridden all the way up to Largs in the time I had taken. Yes I do need my space, but my sense of obligation to my family as well as my desire to be with them overrides that so often.

I rode past the Semaphore Jetty which still has a big piece broken from the centre of it. The pale sky and rich blue ocean contrasts beautifully with the yellow ocean in the foreground created by the numerous soursobs. Blue, green and yellow blending to create such calm.

I enjoyed the vivid, almost fluroescent yellow of the soursobs (oxalis), a persistent weed which brings such delightful bright colour in the wake of winter. I explored the zoom on my new Pentax Optio X70, belated birthday present, camera and am very pleased with the results. I wonder if Blogger will let you see their best here.

The zoom lens is very effective as well. This sailing ship was but a dot on the horizon to the naked eye. It speaks of such serenity in this image here. I absolutely adore watching a lowering sun over the waters of the Gulf of St Vincent. Growing up on the east coast of Australia meant the sun rose over coastal waters. Seeing the sun setting over the Gulf here is magic.


Homestay Mama said...

I've lived on the west coast most of my life and am used to sunsets over the water. Only when we lived in Hawaii for 7 years did I watch the sun rising over the beach. It's quite different, eh?

I like your pictures, Cee. Those are very pretty, very interesting beaches. You live such a wholesome lifestyle. Good for you!

alecat said...

Beautiful photography, and your descriptive, poetic words take me on your ride with you. :)
I'm glad you had such a refreshing day.

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