Monday, August 31, 2009

Eee is Two!

Wishing you a day full of fun and presents and giggles
and candles and cake for your 2nd birthday
written on the card received from Granny

We enjoyed a delightful day at home yesterday celebrating the birth of dear little Eee. It was special because Daddy was home, unlike last year. Although big sister Ess was feeling unwell, she enjoyed helping me decorate a special little lady bug and her family of four baby beetles as a surprise for our growing baby.

It was small, it was quiet, it was special.

So lovely for us to revel in the delights of our two year old as a family.

Eee looked at us incredulously as we sang Happy Birthday to her on her waking. We have enjoyed a number of birthdays of late and I am certain she could not quite understand that it was finally hers. Upon seeing the bunting freshly hung for her she exclaimed "rainbow" and knew this was indeed a special day.

I made some decorative hangings to add to our birthday collection this year. I decided against the lovely Martha Stewart lanterns which I have seen around and made some origami diamonds. These were also greeted with much enthusiasm and called "rainbow".

For my precious growing toddler,
We love you just so much.
Happy Birthday!


gardenmama said...

Happy birthday little one and happy 'birth' day to you mama! The little ladybug family is adorable and the lanterns are so sweet, it looks like you had a very special day for a very special little one! : )

Cee said...

Thankyou gardenmama we did have a very special day. Thankyou for remembering me in that time too - a precious time. I recalled it moment by moment at various times during the day, mostly waiting for her arrival :) The lovely tulip gift from my husband to me was very touching also - that he thought of me!

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