Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Snowbells on Millbrook

How can one help shivering with delight when one's hot fingers close around the stem of a live flower, cool from the shade and stiff with newborn vigor! ~Colette

After a fabulous day out and about in Hahndorf with my visiting sister and her family (oh how the girls enjoyed their cousins!), we enjoyed our drive home through the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Spring is the perfect season to enjoy the green of the paddocks and undulating hills, the flowers blossoming here and there, and extended afternoons afforded by later sunsets.

"Shall we take Millbrook Road?" asked my Generous Gentleman. "Why not?" I replied, "little Eee is sleeping and I already have some tea prepared for our arrival home." Millbrook Road is our very favourite road to drive along in the hills. We first encountered it after the rainy, flooding spring of 2005 not long after we arrived in Adelaide. We took drives to explore the beauty of the hills and allow our baby to sleep after a day at the markets.

Millbrook Road won our hearts! With creeks flowing through valleys, arum lillies growing wild in the creek beds and little flowers lining the roadside, its abundant beauty would have to turn every eye!

We ambled down the gravel road admiring as much beauty as our eyes could behold with the sun creeping lower behind the trees and hills to the west, the birds calling as they flittered and twittered through the magnificent gum trees and of course, the flowers blooming beautifully in season.

When my husband asked, "do we need any of those?" Ess and I jumped at the chance to leap from the car and fill our hands with pretty bouquets of delicate flowers which would grace our home in the days to come.

Ess and I loved picking the flowers which we have dubbed snowbells. I thought they might actually be snowdrops or snowflakes. However after doing the research I am not sure at all what they are - so if you know, please tell us.

Whatever they are named, they look beautiful in our living area, gracing the table where we share our meals and reminding us all of a beautiful day out with family and nature, joy and peace, excitement and tranquility.

Oh, I have been wanting to share with you the link for a lovely headband I've been making for my cherubs and also my sister. My darling Ess refuses to model it for me yet I have noticed she was wearing it while flower picking. She just loves the rainbow colours which enhance the predominant pink. I am crocheting a neutral one for my sister. I loved learning a new crochet stitch which I have never come across - the linked stitch. It is very easy and a nice flat finish, ideal for a headband.

Hope you enjoyed a beautiful weekend.


Jackie said...

thanks for sharing those nice scenary pics, and happy that you and your family had a wonderful holiday together.

Little Snoring said...

Hi Cee,

Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway, hope you visit again soon.



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