Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In springtime, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head. ~Emma Racine deFleur

A gift from my husband, which a few days ago, looked thus.

Are now an absolute delight to behold.

A sure sign of Spring.

While I would love to be telling you that these divine tulips were picked from my garden, alas, it is not so. They were obtained from the central markets last week. A gift! My husband knew what I needed. They have continued to delight my heart, day after day as the blossoms appeared in all their glory.

There are some blossoms however, delighting us in our own garden.

An elegant white freesia.

A delicate soft pansy.

Many, many, too many, oxalis blossoms. Beautiful, bright yellow flowers which are a common weed we call soursob.

Enjoy Spring!


Nicole said...

Beautiful blooms!
Tulips are a favorite springtime flower, I think I must say that about each and every flower that shows itself in each new season : ) But tulips are so special and a sure signal of a new season. I know where to look for my flower fix when we are in the throes of winter : ) Enjoy these days!

Cee said...

Nicole I hope it will be a little while yet before you need to return for your flowerfix, but we will be glad to see you here.

Enjoy your Autumn now.

Sending a few little tulip petals on the breeze to you, in the hope that perhaps a golden leaf or two might find its way back here over the seas :)


Dear Cee,

ohh, I just have to pay you a visit much more often! Your photos are amazing (whales, flowers, ...), all very very nice!

The beetles for your little Eee are great, too, how did you do them? She must have been happy about them.

Enjoy your springtime with loads of geen and flowers and warmth to come - we are welcoming autumn these days and are longing for spring in the beginning of March again (until then winter with loads of snow is great, I think)...


Cee said...

Hi Nina, so lovely to see you. I am so delighted to hear that my pictures have amazed you. The little beetles were baked - one in a pudding bowl, the rest in a muffing tin. They were iced with red icing, apart from the mama's head which is just over half a muffin iced in white. The dots you can see are chocolate dots i bought from Haigh's Chocolates, pipe cleaner antennas and to divide each in half. The eyes are icing and the mouth simply a cloud lolly stashed in the cupboard which my husband thought looked like lips :).

I enjoyed seeing all your cakes as well. So much fun isn't it, to bake and ice a cake for loved ones.

See you again


Thank you so much, Cee! What a great idea - I will definitely copy it for the next birthday of the little man who will becoming two in March!

And by the way, you and your husband's birthday is on the same day? Me and mine are one day apart, so we can celebrate 24hrs. I love it, don't you?

Kindest regards Nina

Cee said...

Oh Nina do let me know when you make your cake. I would love to see your version. My husband and I have birthdays which are 5 days apart, with my brother in law in the middle of us. I always feel that he gets the leftovers sadly. He even said to me this year, that I didn't need to bake another cake just for his day, needless to say, I did! It is fun having birthdays together. I love it also.

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