Friday, September 11, 2009

Spring brings...

warm, breezy days,
busy buzzing bees,
bright flowers of every colour dazzling our senses, inciting squeals of delight,
sniffly noses from hayfever and flus

Freesia buds

runny noses and a diminishing supply of oranges
is sadly what September has brought us this year,

along with some delicious new growth in our garden
which makes me very happy...

new leaves unfurling on my propogated begonia

such an intense pink colour, almost fuscia

fresh new growth on my precious Children's Rose


Michelle Spencer said...

Thank you for posting your lovely photos, Cee. Can I ask where you got your "Interesting Reads" widget from? I would like to add it to my blog too (you inspirational thing, you).


Cee said...

Thanks Michelle - looking forward to seeing some of yours too. Emphasis on the SOME from what I've read ;) hehe

I'm so glad to be inspirational for you Michelle. However I cannot tell you where I got my widget from as I made it myself. Typical me, I make things and then realise that there is something called widget!! (No really I do know about widgets.) I just go to Layout, click Add a Gadget, and add HTML. I am an affiliate with which enables one to build links to their book pics. Click on my link/book pic, it will take you there. Ask me if you need any more info Michelle.

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