Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Advent with Lego

For quite a few years now my Generous Gentleman has wanted to find an Advent Calendar by Lego which was not ridiculously expensive.

This appears to be the year for us as we now have two Lego Advent Calendars which both my big girls are enjoying each morning during December as Christmas approaches.

I'm not a fan of Advent Calenders which bestow little gifts on little people each time they open a door as I think it creates unrealistic expectations and is simply unnecessary. However Lego always seems to create the exception for me. Each day the girls find a little packet behind a door with bits and pieces to create something new. After Christmas we'll package them all up again to start the surprises again next year.

And there are some very cute little figures and objects.

One is a Lego Kingdoms calendar with scenes and caricatures of a Medieval Castle.

The other is Lego City, quite self-explanatory.

This character is most certainly my favourite.

A less-than-friendly looking snowman.

We still open a door every day on our Nativity Advent Calendar which shares with us the true story of Christmas. We have been enjoying seeing the angels visit and hearing their messages, today's being:

'For she will bring forth a son.'


Mel said...

Ahh, I love Lego :)
This is our second year with a Lego advent and my two are so excited each morning to open up the advent door and see what's behind it - even my nearly 15 year old. They have little conversations throughout the day, wondering what will be hiding in the following day's door.
We have the medieval one - I really love the snowman though from the Lego City one.

Bee Lady said...

I think it's great that you are creating traditions with your children. I wish I would have started the Lego advent calendar with the boys I watch, when they were little. They are now 11 & 13 and I probably won't be watching them much longer. I'm more of a transportation person than I am childcare provider at this point in their life. Oh well, I'm sure we've created some fun memories.


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