Friday, December 3, 2010

Letters to Santa

We posted our letters to Santa today. Santa, North Pole, 9999. We hope he gets them. Australia Post guarantees he'll be happy to hear from us.

The idea of writing to this dear old soul was very motivational, as far as writing is concerned. I am discovering that writing is just something which Ess does not enjoy. She is my avid reader, not so keen on writing to express herself.

You know, I was delighted that both of the girls struggled to think of anything at all to ask Santa for. The language Ess used was most polite as well. No "I want's" or "Give me's", but a very pleasant "For Christmas I would like...". Oh yes I was so very delighted to see their chosen language for this very esteemed letter.

And so I transcribed for my little Eee while she drew a beautiful rainbow, not for Santa I am told, but rather for Daddy. It's beautiful, I'm sure you'll agree.

So have you seen Santa yet? Have you written to him?

We actually saw him today as well. A couple of brightly dressed little Elves found us in a long, hot queue and invited us into an air conditioned, bubbly room where Santa just happened to be sitting waiting to invite us up onto his knee to chat with him, be with him, have Daddy take our photo and just to enjoy the experience.

Christmas with children is just such a special experience.


Bee Lady said...

Cute letters. I don't have children, but I do have nieces and they are coming over this weekend to spend the night with Aunt Cindy. I thought I might have them make some Christmas ornaments if we have the time. We're always so busy. But you're right, Christmas is magical with children.



Yes, we have written our letters as well... cuuute! And this night St. Nicolaus came to our house and left a lot of mud (from his shoes) and many nuts, tangerines, apples and a small present fo rthe little ones on their well polished shoes... now the count down for Stanta Clause has really started.

I can remember my excitement so very well, when I see the little ones getting up so very early in the morning to see what is in the advent calender.

XX Nina

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