Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

My family headed out today to celebrate the last day of the year.
Our destination was Old Parliament House Gardens to enjoy peace and serenity, 
blossom and green, a picnic lunch on the lawn.

There we found some favourite flowers
including the above Ringlet Rose which Ess has claimed her favourite this year.

This pretty little Violet
(they will forever remind me of my newest niece now)

We enjoyed a picnic lunch under the trees
 and watched the girls play a few games together
while we tried to keep our baby from rummaging through the picnic basket and esky too dangerously.

My finds include this gorgeous bell flower which I'd love to know more about, perhaps to even grow it in my garden.  Do tell me if you can identify it!

And this delicate single petal rose 'Dainty Bess'.  It is held fondly in the bosom of my memories as my mother grew it in our family home, perhaps it's still there, I must ask her.

I recall it as a favourite of hers.
I couldn't quite understand why as a child.
I saw many more beautiful flowers.
I saw so very many of these decorating our home.
Yet Mum loved it's delicate beauty...
and now, of course, I see exactly what she means.

It's curious that my Ess has already found beauty in a similar rose, 
Ringlet Rose.

As a friend of mine said to me earlier this evening:
"Hope 2012 is full of good things and peaceful hearts, 
lots of love and belly laughs"
Happy New Year.


Homestay Mama said...

Such excellent photography, Cee. I, too hope 2012 is more peaceful, but since it is an election year here in the USA, I doubt it will be very peaceful!

Cee said...

Fortunately God's peace in our lives doesn't depend on the circumstances surrounding us, it is always there, a precious gift. Sometimes it's more visible in the midst of turmoil. Would you agree? Praying for His peace to be in your life.

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