Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our New Place: Becoming home

Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
~Henry Van Dyke

Sunset viewed from our lounge room window

It has been a whirlwind: these past three months.

Yet we finally made it.

Some old roses discovered under the canopy
 of the weeping cherry.

We have finished the contract,
we have purchased a house, 
we have moved into it,
we are making it home.

Two of my cherubs pruning their natural cubby
 - a weeping cherry.

There are still many, many boxes to unpack, 
things to sort out and decide whether we really need and want.
After having lived in quite meagre situations this year, 
we have a renewed perspective.

A full rainbow viewed to the east - over our backyard.

Yet there are many things we will treasure and hold on to, 
many things we will use once again when we settle.
I am particularly missing knowing where all my craft things are,
so I can easily access my scissors, my fabric, my patterns...

It became a double bow!

As we sort and store, and rejoice in the discovery of things
 we have done without for most of this year, 
we make our home.
Sharing the unpacking days with the children
means little is achieved at once, 
but we make our home together.

Another sunset viewed from our front porch.

So enjoy these picture of the surrounds of our new place,
and if you are ever nearby, do pop in to say Hi!


Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

About 12 years ago, we also moved from SA to ACT. And loved it although we were only there for a few years. Then we went to a few others states and are back home in SA again :)

I loved the weeping cherry tree - how much fun is that?

Homestay Mama said...

Finally! I home of your own with a wonderful back yard for your cherubs. I'm happy for you! :-)

Bee Lady said...

So glad things are finally working out for you. I'm sure your home is beautiful, the surroundings look great. Now you can relax awhile.
Can't wait to see what you make with your crafty stuff!

Cee said...

Hi Susan, Thanks for popping by. I wonder too if perhaps that may be our journey. Only time will tell. For now we are where God wants us to be, and it is a lovely place. We just miss the beach!

HS Mama, how are you? It is lovely to see you here again. I hope you have some peaceful and joyous times over Christmas where you are not feeling busy. Yes finally...our home with a yard!

Hello there lovely Bee Lady! I have made a few things of paper which is surprising me as I love fabric and yard. Must be Christmas card and ornament season. No pics though :( Just doing at this stage of life.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Shaunda Devins said...

Hi, Cee! I'm glad you've finally made it to your new home. I feel for you for having gone through a whirlwind experience before you moved. You're so lucky you've got a wonderful environment around your new home. It's like paradise! This is the sweetest reward for your efforts!

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