Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cloth Baby Shoes

The one thing that children wear out faster than shoes is parents.
~ John J. Plomp, Zoologist

I am so glad I found this pattern and tutorial for Cloth Baby Shoes while my baby is still a baby and young enough to wear them. It makes sewing them seem so much more practical. She will be wearing them out soon as her tiny feet grow and grow ever so quickly.

Aren't they just adorable! They are very cute, which is probably what caught my eye, but they are also very practical. Remember those days when it was impossible to keep socks on your little one? I have found, on recommendation of a friend, that Pumpkin Patch socks are the only ones that will stay on. Yes, they will when you are walking around somewhere - babe in arms. However when baby pulls and grabs them, they come off very easily - just like any sock. Now I have found that when those socks are encased in these cute little shoes, nothing comes off. They are marvellous! Particularly since we are mid-winter and those tootsies seem to be freezing whether in socks or out. So this is my first effort and I'll be making another pair shortly.


The Old Dairy said...

Hi Cee,
I am enjoying reading your post. I have just printed out the pattern for the baby shoes and wondering what you used for the soles. My baby is 5 but I have alot of friends with new bubs and these would be perfect gifts for them.
I will be a regular reader to your blog.

Cee said...

Hi Mandy

Welcome! I am glad you are enjoying my blog. We must have similar taste as we chose the same blog layout! I know Toowooba well. I grew up in Moree, NSW and travelled through your city many times to Brisbane.

I haven't gone searching for bonded fleece as is recommended for the soles. I had another idea: I sewed together two pieces of heavy iron-on interfacing with ironable sides out. I then ironed on two pieces of felt (at once) one to each side of the stiched pieces. This makes a good sturdy sole and is also warm which is what I am looking for down here for winter.

Have fun with them.

Melissa Goodsell said...

The baby shoes look really gorgeous Cee. I love the fabrics that you've used.

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