Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eee is One!

Little birthday girl, soft against your cheek,
eyes so big and bright, nose you love to tweak.
Livcly little one, sweet as any flower,
dearer by the day, cuter by the hour!
Written on the card received from Granny.

Today is Eee’s first birthday.

It seems not so long since she arrived.

We celebrated it in so many special ways with gifts and extra special hugs, kisses and games. Although we were sad that Daddy is still away, we were delighted that Granny is still here.

Ess and I enjoyed decorating her special birthday cake.

We had some very welcome help from Dulcie the Baking Talent Fairy.

We all enjoyed the pretty cake for afternoon tea after little Eee had explored removing all the petals from her stem of these beautiful flowers – stocks and sweet pea! Sadly not from my garden but from Adelaide Central Markets.

Soon my garden will be in bloom however. I’ll let you know more about that later.

For my precious little one.

Happy Birthday!

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