Monday, August 11, 2008

Nurturing Hands

Women are always beautiful. ~Ville Valo

These are the hands which nurutured me.
The hands that held me, carried me, loved me.
These are the hands that cooked for me, fed me, made clothes for me;
washed, dried and dressed me.
These are the hands that taught me to cook, sew, garden etc.
giving me the skills to care for my family and enjoy living a simple life.

My Mum is visiting me at the moment, spending some time using these hands to help me care for her grandchildren while my Generous Gentleman is away.

It is lovely to connect with her again and watch as relationships develop between her and my children. I love to see the anticipation they show to be with their Granny.

Thanks Mum, it is in times like this that I remember how much you love me!

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