Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bunnies for Easter and The Princess and the Garden (Finale)

"Here comes Peter Cottontail right down the bunny trail..." ~ Beatrice Potter 

The bunnies are multiplying.  This morning we found this sweet little bunny outside little Eee's bedroom door awaiting her arrival.  

So they join us to delight a couple of very precious girls as we begin our preparations for Easter.

Easter is only a couple of weeks away now.  I have been inspired to create by Mel and Fiona who are having an Egg-ceptional Egg-xtravaganza for Easter creating.  I absolutely fell in love with Fiona's adorable soft cuddly white bunny trimmed with chocolate and pale blue.

So here is my version of the little Betz White bunny.  I have used some fleecy lined soft pink fabric inside out (I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me).  I wanted that lovely soft feeling of fleece.  It is a very frugal bunny as everything came from my stash which was started many many years ago.  I think I probably wore this fabric as a comfy warm top in my teens!  The felt heart is blanket-stitched onto the bunny's rump and the eyes are simply stitched on with black embroidery floss. I absolutely fell in love with Fiona's stitched-on eyes and decided this would be the best idea for my little bub.  Although she loves the "beepys" (buttons which make this sound when you press them), so one remains on the heart.

I'll conclude today with the final section of the story of The Princess and the Garden which I am presuming (hoping;)) some of you have been reading with your daughters.  So as not to keep them waiting...Early the next morning as the sun rose to shine the dawn’s light softly in her room, the little girl woke and was delighted to see the fairies she’d played with the afternoon before approaching through her window.   “Come quickly”, they called to the little girl, “we have a beautiful place for you to see.  A lovely lady would like to share her garden with you for all your days.”

The little girl moved on with the fairies.  She could not believe the sight she beheld at the gate of the garden.  It was beautiful!  As she walked through the gate she felt a familiar feeling – it felt like home! 

The Gardener gasped in delight to see and then to hold her beautiful princess. 

The Princess revelled in the hug she received, the warm embrace, the hug that held her tightly.  She would always remember that first hug, the very first time her mother held her close and she knew she was loved, with a love like no other.

For me this story has an obvious meaning but there is always something underlying this speaking to me.  Now here is my challenge for you.  Can you find any hidden meaning in this story??  Does it remind you of another story close to heart?  What are your interpretations of this story? I'd love to hear any ideas you have or stories to share.   Now I can hear those cogs turning!

Tomorrow I'll have an easier and beautiful task for you to complete.  See you then.


Fiona Carter said...

Hi Cee.
Your bunnies are just gorgeous. Love them in the soft pink with your beautiful ribbons. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could come visit yours!
Fiona x

Cee said...

Fiona I am glad you like the bunnies.

Thanks so much for visiting.

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