Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Princess and the Garden (Part II)

One kind deed begets another.

Just look at what I arrived on my pillow last night!

To understand the full significance of this little posy of petunias you might like to read about The Princess and the Garden which I wrote yesterday.

Excuse the terrible photography (I am yet to figure out how to take great shots with my camera at night time), but I just couldn't miss the opportunity to share the goodness going around our house at the moment.

I am delighted to see my daughter learning to give and doing so of her own accord.

And for those of you who might be reading the story to your little girls here is the next section.

...At last she came!  She was drawn to the bright pink flowers, “Aren’t these beautiful bright pink petunias, “ she exclaimed. “Oh! and look there’s the tiniest sweetest garden fairy.  What’s your name?” the little girl asked.  

“I’m Peta the Petunia Fairy. Come and play with me amongst these pink flowers over here.” 

“They’re the beautiful rose blooms - The Children’s Rose, “ the girl exclaimed.  And they danced and played and smelled the delectable fragrance of the rose.  With her sweet little nose absorbing the fragrance of a bloom so near, the little girl detected a hint of cinnamon and a sparkle of fairy dust.  At once she spotted the rested fairy, “Hello, you must be Rosetta the Rose Fairy.”  “Indeed I am” Rosetta replied.  And the three of them danced and twirled all around the pretty garden...

Please do share any kind deeds that are happening around your home at the moment.  We'd love to read about the smiles you share, they bring a smile to us here.

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