Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Autumn Fall of a Very Special Variety

Look at this... can you see?...

Yes it is my gorgeous rose, my Children's Rose, beautiful as it is, with buds coming into colour.  But can you see something else, something more precious, more unique, more rare?...

Oh my, it is a raindrop!!  Raindrops in abundance even!!

Perhaps your sense of wonder at this precious commodity may not be so prominent as mine if you have been living in the northern or eastern parts of Australia recently, or in northern parts of our world.  However we have become accustomed to this over the last age (or it seems an age anyway!)  Heat, dry heat, and quite a lot of it. Even I, a well-known warmth lover, found this year's heat-waves and lack of moisture to be rather ridiculous.

Last evening we had a shower or two and I took the opportunity to photograph these beautiful blooms.  Oh how I wish I had a camera with a better macro setting (one that actually works) and a bit more camera knowhow. Raindrops glistening are such a pretty sight!

It hasn't really rained a great deal.  It didn't stop me walking to school this morning with my girls although it did prevent my neighbour. It's coming in fits and starts.  Just after my baby and I arrived home from our school drop off it came, quite heavily, quite satisfactorily.  We both enjoyed sitting and toddling and watching raindrops fall and puddles form.  Little Eee, who has seen very, very little rain in her 18 months of life, delighted at the sight and longed to go outside to play.  Had it not been only half an hour til her nap time, and had her legs been walking more confidently,  I think we would have ventured out to play.  Being from warmer climes, I am used to the combination of rain and warmth.  (It was 28degC this morning despite our maximum temperature forecasted to be 23degC - go figure).  I remember playing outdoors in the rain, enjoying the feeling of relief of a cool raindrop after the build up of humidity.  Down here in the south the rain usually comes with cold winds and much cooler temperatures.  Today is just so pleasant.  Dark with cloud cover, cool with a slight breeze and soul-filling, heart warming raindrops.

So here I sit talking of rain and it has stopped again... one can only hope!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,
brown paper packages tied up with string
these are a few of my favourite things!
My Favourite Things, The Sound of Music


The Old Dairy said...

Roses are my fav flowers, yours is a pretty pink! We got a shower last night but nothing to day..

Cee said...

Oh yes roses are my fave as well... and then there's tulips and daffodils, magnolias and gardenias, petunias and pansies...my list just goes on and on.

Flowers fill my heart with delight!

David (@dg4G) said...

I know I'm biased...but I love this blog Cee. It makes me feel so much closer to all of you down there in Adelaide. Loveyaloads

(Btw, Diane tells everyone how great it is too)

Cee said...

So glad Dave

We do miss you and connection with family. I am surprised at how much this blog helps with that. Just have to involve the other family members!!!

Love you

Beth Brawley Taylor said...

I love the beautiful photos! Rain is my favorite. I used to sit on my Grandmother's front porch with her during storms and watch the show. Thank you for your beautiful post!

Cee said...

Thankyou Beth

What a lovely image you have of being with your Grandma. You will treasure that memory!


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