Monday, October 12, 2009

Postcards from the Limestone Coast: Mannum and Meningie

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. ~Seneca

Tranquil waters of the Murray River at Mannum, South Australia

We have just arrived home from the most fabulous road trip around the Limestone Coast, in the south east of South Australia. We found beautiful places of both serenity and wonder. So fasten your seatbelts and come along for the ride if you'd like to see some of this amazing part of our country through our eyes. We travel thoroughly! We drove almost 2000kms in 2 weeks taking in so much in only a small part of our amazing continent. We travel simply! It is not only our dear girls who delighted in the smallest of things such as pretty shells on a remote beach and wildflowers blossoming quietly, hidden in the bush.

Heading eastward, we drove through the Adelaide Hills towards the Murray River at Mannum (see top picture).

We crossed it...

and drove further along the river until we rested by the tranquil waters of Lake Albert, one of the lakes which the river flows into before it meets the sea.

Our residence in Meningie was The Cottage No. 12 on North which delighted and surprised us and set a very high standard for all our accommodation to meet on the rest of our trip. It was so homely, relaxing and filled with things to delight our girls and my Generous Gentleman as he became nostalgic finding pots, books and stereos in the home which he once owned himself.

The delightful garden at The Cottage No.12 on North, Meningie

We three girls enjoyed playing in the garden while Dad prepared some delicious Coorong Mullet. If only we could have dined on this fish each night. Mmm!

Enjoying sunset by Lake Albert, Meningie

As dusk fell, we wandered across the road to the birdhide and then down towards Lake Albert for a beautiful springtime sunset.

We were sad we couldn't linger longer here. We had only booked one night.

Sunset over Lake Albert, Meningie

The Coorong and Robe were beckoning.

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