Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Twirly Skirt for Ess...complete and enjoyed!

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams

Our days are quite full here. Spring days full of warmth, colour and twirling and whirling with giggles and laughter.

Ess' skirt has finally been finished and, a few days later, is here for you to view.

I do hope you like it. Because you see, it was not I who designed it. I merely put the stitches to work. We used the pattern from here, I chose a selection of fabrics from here, yet it was my dear daughter who designed it. "I want the swirly, whirly, twirly fabric for the main part and the butterfly fabric for the hem and the top (ie the waistband and tie)", she stated clearly. Admittedly it was not my original choice, and I shared with Ess my own ideas. However her reply was, "but Mummy it is my skirt so please can we do it my way!?" It was not really a question and I knew that if I made a skirt of my own choosing it may not be worn, it may not be loved, it would certainly always be remembered as the skirt which 'Mum asked me to choose fabric for, but which she ended up choosing herself.' This was not my desire for a new skirt for my little girl to love and enjoy, to twirl and whirl in, and to consider her own.

Indeed I have come to love this design. I grew fond of the half-finished skirt as it inadvertently became a table runner to brighten our cool spring days last week. Now I have made a table runner for our outdoor area from the leftover fabric. It does look very springy by the fishpond and water fountain, now it is finally warm enough to sit by them and soak in the atmosphere in those few seconds between eating and being needed again - to play, to clean up, to move on to the next thing to keep pace with our little girls.

Enjoy your Spring, or your Autumn up north.

PS Hope you like my new Springy blog header ;) You'll have to pop on in to take a pic if you're reading in a reader.


Homestay Mama said...

I think your daughter has an eye for design! I really like her choice of fabrics and how she put them together. So very lovely!

I like your springy header. Our Autumn has been beautiful this year. I need to do some changing on my header and background, but don't have time right now!

Cee said...

Thankyou HS Mama, I will pass that onto Ess. She'll be delighted.

I know it takes some time to change your header. I have been wanting to do it for ages and finally worked up the courage to just do it. Some good photos helps! It is particularly challenging for me as I don't have Photoshop which makes everything just that much harder to achieve a professional finish.

Looking forward to seeing some of your Autumn.


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