Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Twirly Skirt for Ess...progress check

The Twirly Skirt for Ess

Progress is being made... yet this little green fellow is taking more of my creative energy and desire at the moment. I've been inspired to make pink ones and little ones and perhaps even a strawberry. Ooops better get back to that twirly skirt.

Isn't this adorable fabric?! Lily Pond created by Wendy Slotboom for In The Beginning Fabrics.

Oh how I love a different creative project awaiting me in every room. These days there are so many lovely fabrics, yarns and even food for me to work with. I can make skirts, interior decor and meals to delight us all.



Dear Cee,

the fabric is very sweet indeed. So funny you have many projects in many rooms of your house.. So everywhere new inspiration in case you are feeling bored.

By the way, the doll for your little one is adorable - Juliane is a very talented lady and Eee and Ess and my tall girl will love the christmas surprise, I'm sure.

Kindest regards to you,


Cee said...

Oh my Nina - you have seen the dolls Juliane is making for us? I am so incredibly envious!! :)

Not sure that I ever get to the bored stage Nina but it is lovely to have something to put my hand to wherever I am with the family.

See you again

Our New Treasure

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