Friday, January 1, 2010

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Thankyou lovely people for entering my little giveaway of a pretty list cover to celebrate the spirit of generosity and giving. I enjoyed reading your comments and learning a little more about you.

Barbara, I like the way you list quotes which are meaningful for you - do you have a special book to keep them in? I remember my mother doing just the same thing. I haven't started to do that at this stage. I write them on my blog for all of us day by day as they relate to what I'm doing for you.

Homestay Mama, I am glad of your honest confession that you'd like to be more organised :) So glad you're enjoying the music (which I'll have to change now, won't I!)

Shandora, you sound so organised already and I admire your organisation with menu lists and recipes. However I need my spontaneity to retain my sanity with regards to meal preparation. I have my frig stocked with good food, and plan a meal or two in advance with a general idea of what will happen over a week. Menu lists and I can never seem to become good companions :)

Now, the time has come. My delightful Ess has helped me by writing your names on pieces of paper,

folding them and placing them inside the small pocket of the list cover.

And the winner is...

Congratulations Homestay Mama!

I am delighted you have won this giveaway and look forward to posting this to you in the very near future, after this new year's weekend.


Barbara said...

Congratulations Homestay Mama!! I know you're just gonna love the Cee Lew giveaway. Let us know how much you enjoy it.

Homestay Mama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Homestay Mama said...

Somebody pinch me!
Did I really win?

I did? I won?

Oh goody, goody goody!
(doing the happy dance here)

I won! I won Cee's giveaway! I won Cee's hand-crafted, absolutely stunning list cover in my favorite colors!

(happy dancing right into the new year!)

shandora said...

woops! I'm a bit late, didn't find time for the pc, but here I go: Happy new year all of you! I wish you all a year of happiness, warmth, joy, laughter and simple but meaningful things!

And a big congratulations to home stay mamma, you deserve it! what a wonderful way to start of this new year!


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