Monday, January 11, 2010

Mushroom Pouches

May good luck pursue you each morning and night. ~Irish Blessing

These little pouches for my little treasures have been a very long time coming. Ideas in my head, fabric pieces and ribbons matched and sitting on my creative table for weeks now.

I had hoped to have had one made for Ess for her birthday last month, or at least Christmas.

However considering that fly agarics are a symbol of good luck, I find this time of year a very apt time to have made and delivered them to waiting hands.

The bags have been eagerly filled with little Crayola Pip Squeaks - a Christmas gift from Grandad.

As a child I remember one of my jobs being pulling clover from our front lawn. I sat on the hard prickly buffalo grass, along with my siblings, and with greening hands and tiring minds we searched for and removed clover, over and over. It was an arduous task made a little lighter by searching for four-leaf clover which we knew would bring us good luck. No-one realised just how much more luck we would have bestowed upon us if the find was unexpected, a little more accidental than as a result of our ardent hunt. I don't recall ever having found a four leaf clover. I certainly never found one as beautiful as this.

If I had known that finding a fly agaric in our front lawn was a possibility my searches for luck would have been much greater. But alas, they were not to be. To this day I have not seen one in real life. I know I need to travel to colder climes in Autumn. My mum often found little mushrooms where fairies had been tea-partying overnight, however they were just little white toadstools, nothing so thrilling as red fly agarics with knobbly white spots all over them.

For now, these fabric fly agarics in our home will have to do. They certainly are brightening hearts here.

Are you expecting, rather I should say hoping, to find a fly agaric near home sometime soon?


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Oh Cee, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who has ideas in my head and fabric lying around for ages. I think maybe that searching for the four-leaf clover was perhaps a simple way to keep children interested enough to keep weeding, although I can remember spending ages (with no luck) looking for four-leaf clover.

shandora said...

hihihi, I had to first google around to find out what fly agaric were...and yes, I love those and find lots of them overhere in th forest, but never in my garden;

What lovely pouches!!!!! princEss is one very lucky girl with such a mom!

which reminds me to get on with my quilt pieces lying around....hummmmm...

Fröken Skicklig said...

The mushroom pouches are so pretty, Cee! Especially with Luzia Pimpinella´s details ;-)

Snow is covering our garden at the moment and we don´t have fly agarics there during summer or autumn because the soil isn´t perfect for little fly agaric families. But just a few meters behind the house there is a forest where little mushrooms with their red hats and white dots on top play hide and seek. You often find them in our woods where birch trees are groing and where the forest is a bit sunnier and humid.

A warm hug to all of you, email will follow soon

Cee said...

Thankyou all for your lovely comments about these pouches.

Pip, four-leaf clover must definitely exist somewhere...I am sure they do ;)

All the best with your fabric pieces, Shandy.

Thankyou dear Juliane for sharing a little more about the fly agarics near your home. I had wondered whether they more garden or forest beings. Altho I am sure that a few of my friends in Tasmania (incl. Jenny) found some in their garden last Autumn. PS Bella is travelling everywhere with us you know - Kindermusik, friends and family's homes, markets etc.

Homestay Mama said...

Well, like Shandora, I too, had to Google 'fly agaric.' They are very pretty mushrooms, but I have never seen any in our woods.

I like the little bags you made, though! They look delightful! Your daughters are lucky to have a Mom who sews so beautifully.

Cee said...

Ladies I must let you know that I linked to 'fly agarics' for you and had already done the searching for you!

When you see a light-coloured word in my writing it is hyperlinked so click on the word and you'll find where it is leading to. As you hover over the text you should see it changes to being amber and underlined.

I have noticed that the links are not so clear with this layout. If you are unable to see them at all, then perhaps I shall need to consider changing my design here.

What do you think?

shandora said...

lol, I think I need glasses, 'cause now you say it, yes, I can see the link...I'll try to be more "clever" next time... anyway, it was a chance for me to learn new things!


Julie said...

Cee, the pouches are gorgeous! I spent hours and hours as a little girl, searching for four-leaf clovers, and never found a single one. My Miss Six, has found no less than FOUR in the past year!! How is that even possible? One was given away, and each of my girls has one now, I laminated them for posterity LOL.

Cee said...

Thankyou Julie for your compliments and sharing your story. I knew there were four leaf clovers out there somewhere in Oz. I am glad you have preserved them for special memories and perhaps proof later down the track. :)

Thanks for taking time to pop in Julie. I'm loving your daily harvest pics. Making me jealous and also spurring me on. My first eggplant is maturing...I hope, I hope!

Ann said...

I just found your site. How wonderful!!
Is there a pattern four your mushroom pouches? I have four granddaughters that would love them. Thanks,

Cee said...

Ann I am so glad you like these little mushroom pouches. I actually don't have a pattern for them. I just cut out a shape I liked and stitched. I am sorry I could not be more helpful.

I hope you have had a go yourself for your little granddaughters.


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