Monday, January 25, 2010

The Alcoholic Kangaroo

All is not butter that comes from the cow. ~Proverb

Over the weekend I finally had the opportunity to cook a recipe of my sister-in-law's which I have long intended to try.

She devised a recipe for The Alcoholic Cow - Beef and Guinness Pie. I made a few alterations of my own and we dined on The Alcoholic Kangaroo.

Now if kangaroos are not roaming your fields as they are bounding through our local paddocks you might like to try @machroi's version. However if you are local to Australia, just insert some diced kangaroo steak which is much leaner. I also used Kangaroo Mettwurst rather than bacon as I simply had no dead pig in my frig.

Rather than creating a pie we ate the roo as a stew and served it with rice. It has served us beautifully for two meals now and is very much enjoyed all round. It is quite sweet so if you'd like to try something other than a spicy roo curry or a savoury roo and root casserole, go for The Alcoholic Kangaroo, it comes highly recommended.

And so it would seem that a Roo and Guinness Stew also came from a cow, in an obscure sort of manner.


@machroi said...

Love it, it looks SO tasty!

I'm really glad you tweaked it to find something that you liked - after all, isn't that the whole point of recipes and the enjoyment of sharing food :-)


I never tried Kangaroo but the title is very inspiring.

You always show great photos of your food, my mouth is watering and I would like to just hop over to you and enjoy some of your meals.

Homestay Mama said...

Well, I had to Google 'guinness' to find out that is not a staple in my house! :-) Would beef broth work, instead? Also I'm not familiar with the metric system which I could figure out by using conversion charts. But how much is "5 x onions" (in your sister-in-law's recipe? Would that be 5 green onions?

Your pictures are so artistic and clear--have you done professional food photography?

Cee said...

Oh yes @machroi creativity with food to share is what it is all about - definitely.


Nö, kangaroo is a little gamey but as it is lean it is lovely to eat, very tender when cooked correctly. We eat it regularly now as the price is good, yet not all Australians see eye to eye with us :)


HS Mama it is a challenge to try recipes of diff cultures isn't it. I am always converting when I use USA recipe. You get used to it I guess. My sis-in-law would use brown or white onions rather than greens (but she could correct you this). I used 2 large brown onions. Beef broth or stock would probably work but it is guinness that gives the stew its distinctive flavour and sweetness. She is from N.Ireland mind you.


Thankyou all for your lovely comments on my photography. I haven't done anything professionally - it is all my eye (which some have said is a good one for composition) and my camera. I think my food photography leaves a lot to be desired and would love to do a course in food day. So thanks again for your encouragement.

Have a good week. It is first day of school for us tomorrow :(

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

Hi Cee,
i've really enjoyed peaking around your blog.
Love how you blog about sewing, food, books and family........ my favorite things!

Cee said...

Hi Lisa It is lovely that you could pop in here. Glad you enjoyed taking a peak in my space and leaving a few lines to say Hi! You are most welcome to return anytime. I'm off to see your little world for a minute now.

Tricia said...

I Cee - I'm glad i stumbled across your blog. Roo is the only red meat we eat in our house and its nice to get additional ideas. I'm looking forward to trying this one.

Thanks for sharing.

shandora said...

I'd eat the photo alone already, it looks soooooo yummie! But I simply have no idea what kangaroo tastes it tendre meat?

Bon appétit!

Cee said...

It is tender when you cook it correctly - short and quick burst in the pan or a long slow cook.

Hope you can try it one day.

And yes we do get winter here. It is very cool here in the south - you know we are not that far from Antarctica! :)

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