Friday, March 26, 2010

Chocolate Carrot Muffins

These muffins were simply made with those things I had in the frig needing to be used up. I read a couple of recipes to inspire me but largely I just used what I had available. Albeit, they turned out deliciously. So much so that I simply have to try to write down some sort of recipe so we can try them again. I have no idea, however, of the quantity of much that I used, so if you are feeling a bit free-spirited this is a great recipe for you.

Chocolate Carrot Muffins

Wet Ingredients
Fill a 2 cup measure to just full with the following:
1 beaten egg
¼ cup honey
natural organic yoghurt
sour cream
oil (I used rice bran oil)

Sift Dry Ingredients
2 cups wholemeal spelt flour (or flour of your choice)
1 tsp bicarb soda
½ tsp cream of tartar
2tsp - 2 tabs cocoa (depending on the quality of the cocoa you use)

Add 1-2 grated carrots to the dry mix along with some currants and a few choc chips.

Mix all together till just combined, spoon into muffin tin.

Bake in a moderate oven 180°C for 15-20mins or until done to your liking.

The addition of the moist carrot always works wonders for a cake/muffin in my opinion. It is also a great way for my two little treasures to eat an orange vegetable, something they always refuse and seem to detect everywhere...except in these muffins. Both of them knew they were there, so obviously the chocolate worked its magic and totally obliterated all thoughts of carrots.

You know the secret? I am absolutely convinced that you simply need to add sour cream to a cake to make it absolutely stand out and shine. It gives so much moisture and a rich dense flavour yet still leaving the cake light and delicate. I don't always have it to hand, but when I do, I'll be sure to be adding it to my choc carrot muffins.




Hmmm, your recipes always make my mouth watering (?) and I want to just bite into the screen!

If we would live closer to you, you would definetly have us to be around when you have left the kitchen and "help" you with the food.

Big hug, Nina

Homestay Mama said...

Mmmmm those muffins look delicious! I'll have to try them soon!

Cindy Rush said...

I know you are resting up, but just wanted to say I miss you!
Happy Easter,

Cee said...

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all join to share these muffins together :)

You are certainly welcome to help us out in the kitchen, or even better, in the great outdoors sometime Nina.


ale balanzario said...

This recipe looks so yummy, I should bake it.
Thanks for sharing the recipe

LJB said...

They are baking in my owen right now, I can't wait to tuck in :)

Gemma Wilson said...

Looks way too yummy - and healthy - but still yummy - also looks like it is a bit crisp - And I like that - I don't like too softie softie muffins - Will be trying this week...Thank You

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