Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dolls of Japan

Reach for Heaven

We enjoyed viewing over 70 traditional handcrafted Japanese Dolls which were on exhibition to encourage arts and cultural exchange between Australia and Japan. It is a national touring exhibition so you may be able to see it wherever you are if you keep your eye out for it. It closes here on 22 July and I am not sure where it is then headed. More details here.

These are just a few of our favourites. The titles of those we remember are in italics.

Little Girl

Little Girl

There is no doubt in my mind that these wonderful dolls are works of art. They are certainly revered much more highly in Japanese culture than in our own. We marvelled at the beauty of, and the story behind, each piece and found it intriguing to imagine the artisans carving, sculpting and creating each of these beautiful works.

This Kokeshi Doll is just so so pretty, the carved flowers adorable.
We'll call her Blossom - not sure of her real name.

:: such elegance ::


Passing Time
:: reminding me of myself and my Ess ::

We are exploring the tale of Momotarosan in Kindermusik studies at the moment so it was fabulous to see him depicted in this way.

Peach Boy
I think this might be him - the little peach baby.

Children playing chasey or tag. The child who is it is trying to tag the last one in the line.


Nadene said...

I discovered your blog from the list of Beautiful Blog Awards and really loved your site!
We are South African family homeschooling on a mountain farm, and have many 'loves' in common ... gardening and eating our own organic veggies, needlecrafts and living a simple lifestyle.
I look forward to your next posts.

Cee said...

Hi Nadene and welcome

I hope you enjoy journeying with me and sharing our discoveries. Thankyou for popping by and I am so glad you enjoyed this little space of mine.

You are indeed welcome.


Gemma Wilson said...

Now there are keychains with little sayings and with these little Japanese dolls - I forget what they are called - Very cute and popular among girls... I love them too...

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