Monday, July 12, 2010

Wool Embroidery

Needlepoint: the delicious art of filling in holes with wool.
~Carole Berman and Jennifer Lazarus

The winds of motivation were sent to me recently from the warm summer days of southern Germany. The winds took a little while to arrive, yet today I have noticed that motivation has come. The day has been a little warmer, warm enough to sit in our front room, usually chilled by cold winds blowing down the hill. As I sat with my children, watching them play, and joining in on occasion, I noticed those warm woollen hats sitting partly made ready to be embellished with a little more wool embroidery.

At the same time I went through my stash of fabric to find some pieces for other projects I have been inspired to commence for little Eee's birthday at the end of next month. I have completed a number of things which have been waiting for me since my lack of creativity during my first trimester and also our first term of homeschooling. Such a sense of satisfaction I feel. I just hope that my surge of motivation doesn't leave me with too many more unfinished projects.

It has been nice however, to sit in the sun this morning looking out over to the hills with my hand to stitching while my girls play together. Sometimes I like to join them, however I notice how much the games change when I do. On occasion it is nice just to sit quietly and let their own creativity emerge, just between the two of them. Little Eee's playing is certainly moving from imitative play to imaginative play these days which leaves lots of room for fun and games with her big sister as they imagine scenes, reenact stories, become fairies and princesses and babes and mothers and all the games that little girls adore.

For me...just a couple of forget-me-nots to go methinks.

Thankyou Nina for your inspiration on the warm breeze.


Millie said...

Such beautifully delicate work Cee...the colours are so lovely.
My older two children are funny, sometimes if they even realise that I've been listening to them playing, and their funny "put on" voices, they get all shy and stop. I love when they play so imaginatively

Jeanne said...

Your work is so lovely...

Cee said...

Your compliments always lifts my heart - thankyou!

The colours are lovely aren't they. They have been sitting in my stash for years. I must have purchased them just before my business became super busy and I had no time left for creative crafty pursuits. It is so lovely to be able to get back to doing some of the things I love. Wool embroidery is so satisfying, you achieve a lovely result so quickly when you have lovely Australian wool in beautiful colours.

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