Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Marble Effect

is so much fun!!

Simply take an idea from this book, the only idea Ess was really taken by,

Crafty: Crafty Things to Make and Do

two eager and budding artists keen to try something new,

some oil paints and some mineral turpentine, (still amazed I attempted this with my two year old, but clad with lovely plastic gloves she fared quite well)

a tray of water, a bit of swilling and swirling and...

ta da!!
:: most definitely a fairy ::

:: a river ::

:: would make a beautiful fabric ::

:: an angelfish ::

:: yellow balls being tossed ::

Lots of fun was had in finding images in the prints
reminiscent of the way we discover animals in the clouds in the sky.

The effect of marbling is achieved as a result of the fact that oil and water don't mix. As the paper is placed in the tray of water onto swirling blobs of diluted oil paint it effectively picks up a print of the paints swirling round.

The repeated exclamation was an enormous "Wow!" on behalf of both girls as the paper was pulled out to reveal yet another marvellous effect of colour marbling.

It was so wonderful that even I was keen for all the repetition the girls love by inserting paper after paper into each new swirling bath of oil paint and water.


alecat said...

They look wonderful.
We've actually never done marbling. I thought perhaps you needed a kit of sorts, but this looks very doable. Did you need special paper?

Jeanne said...

Oh these are amazing!! Tell us more!

Cee said...

Yes it is alecat, very doable. If my 6 and 2 yr old can join me in celebrating the fun of it and remain clean-ish I am certain you and your pair will accomplish the activity with ease. We just used normal A4 paper cut into A5 size to fit into our tray - which just happens to be an old pot plant saucer. I didn't want to purchase anything for this, but the book, demonstrates using a foil baking tray which would hold larger paper if you needed to.

Just remember to use oil paints dissolved in a little turps, drip in spoonfuls onto the water in the tray, swirl with a bamboo skewer or the like and place the paper on top. Remove and set aside to dry.

I am not sure I can publish much more Jeanne as it is published in the book I referenced. However feel free to ask me any more questions if something seems a little vague in the way I wrote up our activity. I am happy to provide more info.


alecat said...

Cee, I have an award for you. :)

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