Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Butterfly Life Cycle II

Our transformation of pasta into a butterfly

A model of the life cycle of a butterfly by our little Eee
(with a bit of help from Mum ;) esp. with the hot glue gun)
Don't you love her simple water colour painting and felt pen colouring!

A little pasta egg lay on a leaf,

a caterpillar hatched in the form of five Lumache Rigate threaded onto wool,

a beautiful, rainbow shell pasta chrysalis hung awaiting its transformation,

Farfalle make the most beautiful butterflies,
particularly when Ess puts her hand to them.

Ess turns everything she touches into a rainbow at the moment.
Look at the colours she used to paint her egg carton base,
each dutifully considered to be appropriate for the part of the life cycle it would contain.

Thankyou to Alecat at Serenades and Solace for your inspiration.
We love the way you turned pasta into butterflies.

Now we are considering purchasing a butterfly chrysalis kit to watch the process of metamorphosis and release some butterflies into our area.



What a sweet idea! I will have to keep it in mind.

Glad you found a butterfly set available in Australia, this is an amazing thing to watch and then letting the butterflies fly...

XX Nina

alecat said...

What a WONDERFUL job your daughter has done! Oh, such lovely colours.

The Clip Cafe said...

That is fantastic! Do you have a follower link? couldn't see one :-)

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