Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Colouring - Our Paper City

The moment I saw Nina's Stadtleben I knew what would happily occupy our family on a blustery, unpredictable family day which urged us to stay indoors. It was my dear Generous Gentleman's birthday yesterday. Fortunately we had celebrated the evening before, eating out at this highly recommended restaurant - simple but very delicious food.

Ess was delighted to be having family colouring time together again. Something we do enjoy but haven't found the opportunity to do so much of late. Now little Eee is growing she joins us for much longer for each session.

For some reason our family enjoys the creating of the city more than the playing with the city, if you know what I mean. I am not certain as to why this might be. Perhaps we are the creative innovators rather than the role playing actors in life.

The city grew and grew quite a lot yesterday and now actually has a green park under the helipad à la Nina's. Ess also has plans to build a shop which I will heartily encourage in order for us to be able to play shop and develop more maths and money skills including spending and saving as well as addition and subtraction. It is also linked directly to the literature we read recently, A Pair of Red Clogs, which includes a market and store where the new red clogs were purchased.

Can't wait to show you her store, yet she is busily sorting and creating various flavoured mice for us to nibble on as she is being a kitten and I her mother. So we do have some imaginative play going on in our house!

Mmm now I'm off to nibble on some liquorice, lime, blueberry and plain mice. Oooh there are some mandarin ones here too, yum!

This wonderful city is generously provided by made by joel
Another creative person from Portland, Oregon.


Millie said...

Your city is lovely...I still haven't managed to make one! How nice that you all got to do it together.
I wonder is it a rule that you have to be creative to live in Portland? I was thinking this, only yesterday!

Cee said...

I think it must be so Millie. There are so many lovely creative people I have met and heard of through blogging who hail from there. Portland must be an amazing place to visit.


Ha ha, this is fun, isn't it?

XX Nina

Gemma Wilson said...

Love your city - beautiful and such lovely drawing

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