Monday, August 30, 2010

Eee is Three!

It's looking rather festive around here at the moment.

Little Eee has turned 3.

All she has been asking to do for her birthday is to eat Mermaid Cake. So, very grateful that the little bub is still being well taken care of in utero, I set about decorating the lovely Mindy Mermaid. It was no mean feat for a very tired, brain stretched, heavily pregnant lady who can hardly stand up long enough to complete my usual duties let alone this enormous extra one.

My brain went mushy. I couldn't figure out how to place the spearmint leaves for the tail effectively. I wondered why I do this to myself. Fortunately my Ess along with my Generous Gentleman came to my rescue and joined me in preparations of this enormous cake. The challenges began to wane and the fun increased.

As we sat down outside enjoying cake together, little Eee announced, "I love my mermaid cake" with the sweetest little smile on her growing face, her head cocked to one side. That said it all, I realised why I put myself through all the challenges of cake decorating for each birthday. The girls love it so much. They love requesting a cake of their choosing and then seeing it come to life, they love helping in the process of creation and they love consuming all the sugary icing and lollies (of course).

I love the memories that are being created, the skilled, generous children that are being created who I know will want to do this for their children one day. After all, it was my mother who taught me with all her cake decorating. Some of a much greater standard than mine. She made wedding cakes in her prime.

Happy Birthday little Miss Eee, we love you so much!


Homestay Mama said...

What a delightful cake for a 3-year-old! Happy Birthday Eee!

Are you having a boy? Sounds like the baby is due very soon--and going to be a big one! My son was a big one, too! 9 lbs exactly. Do take it easy, OK?

Bee Lady said...

Well what child wouldn't LOVE that cake? I Love it!!! SO CUTE! And I love the Mary Jane Slippers too. I might just have to make some for my nieces....might be a nice Christmas present, if I can stop making afghans long enough!

Take care,


Happy belated 3rd Birthday sweetiepie! Oh, three... the little man will be three in half a year - time flies.

XX Nina

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